These wonderfully wacky Southern Sisters stories are what introduced me
 to the work of Anne George, and made me a mystery fan!

Murder Dirty Boogies With Elvis
(8th and final book in series)
The Southland's most mismatched set of siblings -- flamboyant Mary Alice and prim and proper Patricia Anne -- are back and ready to boogie in a King-sized story of hip-shaking mayhem and murder most tacky.
At an age when most women are slowing down, oversized, over-the-top Mary Alice a.k.a. "Sister" -- is always on the lookout for the next good time...and the next husband. Now Sheriff Virgil Stuckey is in line to become Sister's Mister Number Four, which has practical Patricia Anne's level head filling to the brim with a million and one prewedding details. But first there is another important occasion the sisters are looking forward to attending: a gala benefit to raise money for restoring one of Birmingham's unnatural wonders, a towering metal monument to the god Vulcan lately fallen into disrepair.
The grand finale is thirty sequined Elvis impersonators high kicking in unison. Enjoying the show from the front row, Patricia Anne and Mary Alice are in the line of fire when one of the dancing Kings keels over dead right into the bandstand. It seems this Elvis clone, one Griffin Mooncloth, has not only left the building ... he's left this life!

At first the sisters figure that the cause of death was a massive heart attack induced by one too many pelvic gyrations. But the unfortunate Mooncloth's very dramatic demise is soon discovered to be the result of a switchblade knife plunged into his back. The plot thickens when the murder weapon is discovered in Patricia Anne's very sensible purse. The perennially law-abiding "Mouse" is understandably all shook up -- and mortified to find herself the prime suspect in this bizarre case of Elvis elimination. And with Mary Alice's well-coiffed head in a sunflower-yellow-and-magenta cloud over her impending nuptials, Patricia Anne's the one who will have to get herself out of very hot water indeed.


Murder Carries A Torch
(7th in series)


Just back from vacation in Warsaw, Poland, where they've been visiting Patricia Ann's newly married daughter Haley, the dynamic duo has a serious case of jet lag. Patricia Ann is doing laundry, substituting Windex for Spray 'n Wash, and Mary Alice is announcing her plans to settle down and get married to the next non-alpha male she meets, when their cousin Luke (nicknamed Pukey Lukey, for his childhood affliction of violent carsickness) stops by with some awful news: his wife of forty years, Virginia, has run off with a housepainter named "Monk".  When the three start snooping around the sacred grounds of a small, white church on Mount Chandler, what they find points to more than adultery. Not one, but two dead bodies are discovered. Who murdered them and why?  As Patricia Ann and Mary Alice set about solving the mystery, more than just a few unusual developments color their lives outside the investigation.

Murder On A Girl's Night Out
(1st in series)
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Patricia Anne, a suburban housewife, is plagued by sibling rivalries in the form of her sister, Mary Alice. Both in their sixties, these sisters are total opposites. Blood ties prove strong when Patricia Anne joins Mary Alice in surveying her most recent purchase--a country western bar. Before the final papers are signed, the owner is murdered and the sisters investigate. This book was my introduction to Anne's fabulous books, and it holds a special place in my heart. It doesnt hurt matters that I am a huge country music fan either.

Murder On A Bay Hair Day
(2nd in series)
Buy Hair Day The totally opposite, 60-something sisters Patricia Anne and Mary Alice are once again drawn into a murder. While attending a party for local folk artists, the gallery's owner dies of an apparent heart attack. But the girls soon learn that many of the artists had murderous designs on the victim. I loved this book as, as I have all the others. In several of Anne's books I have gone away learning something...if not about art, or endangered animals or the like, I have learned what it would be like to have a solid, loving relationship with a good man (like Fred)!

Murder Runs In The Family
(3rd in series)
Buy Runs In The Family Sister Mary Alice and Patricia Anne are having lunch with a local, and very nosy, genealogist in order to delve into their family heritage, when the lineage tracer is urgently called away by a local judge. A few minutes later, the genealogist takes a plunge off the ninth floor of the courthouse, her death labeled a suicide. Given the scandals the genealogist uncovered, the sisters are sure some righteous family ensured that their secrets were not about to leak out.

Murder Makes Waves
(4th in series)

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Patricia Anne and Mary Alice head south for some fun in the sun and almost immediately find a dead body washed up on a quiet beach. And with their usual wit and uncanny wisdom, the sisters are soon upstaging the local cops and following a murky trail of dirty real estate deals, giant sea turtle habitats, and big money interests to catch a killer. I loved this book too, must have been that 'summer' getaway feeling

Murder Gets A Life
(5th in series)

Murder Gets A Life was optioned for film years ago - I hope it gets made!!

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Patricia Ann can't imagine why Mary Alice is in such an uproar over her boy marrying sweet little Sunshine Dabbs. The marriage is a done deal, but it's only proper to pay a call on the family and see how bad things are. The sisters bump down a dirt road to the family's trailer park compound, and follow Sunshine's grandmother into her cozy trailer. But when the sisters fall over a body on the floor-with a hog butchering knife in his chest - 'Meemaw' is just shocked to pieces and things get a bit hectic. Once again, the sisters are right in the thick of a cockeyed world of strange and bizarre events, helping out the good-old-boy sheriff who hasn't got a clue

Murder Shoots
The Bull
(6th in series)

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This time, "Sister's" crazy behavior has landed them both in the Birmingham jail. It all starts when the sisters jump at the chance to get filthy rich by joining their good friend Mitzi Phizer in an investment club-kind - a bunch of amateurs pooling their money and making brilliant stock choices. But before the club gets off the ground, the sisters discover that their friend and co-club member, Mitzi's supposedly faithful husband Arthur appears to be involved in a little hanky-panky with a woman of unknown origin. The next thing they know, Arthur is accused of killing her. Despite the distractions of consoling her distraught daughter-in-law who claims her marriage is over, and telling Mary Alice to bug off with her calls about amorous Cedric, an Englishman with a pencil-thin mustache and a last name Sister can't remember, Patricia Anne is doing her darnedest to shore up her hapless neighbors, Mitzi and Arthur. But when there is a suspicious fire in the neighborhood and Arthur is shot in a place that won't allow him to sit down at his own murder trial, Patricia Anne knows she has to stand up for the poor fellow. 
2000 Lefty Award Nominee!!

On a personal note - the cover for the paperback release has been changed to match the hardcover. A couple of weeks ago the artwork for the paperback was released and it was a nightmare! I'm thrilled to see Harper-Collins stuck with the fantastic original cover!